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Trunk by Manpasand


At Trunk, a wedding boutique in Bangalore, the understated feminity of Coral meets the luxurious royal Peacock Blue in an unusual marriage of the opposites, the dramatic and the mystical.


A contemporary interpretation of the art nouveau, the space embodies fluid forms, curved niches and archways, copper tones and a subtle graphic pattern making that adds a layer of detail to the display walls and visual merchandising.


The layout addresses the dual retail program of jewellery as well as wedding apparel by creating an L shaped floor plan. A careful use of the royal Peacock Blue forms a display backdrop enhancing the diamond and vintage jewellery. The branding and display fixtures in copper metallic PVD finish up the ante in understated luxury.


This thoughtfully detailed space with customised floor rugs, copper and brass hooks, floor standing full height mirrors, lounge clusters, large trial room complete with an ante space creates a sophisticated shopping experience that is unique to Trunk.

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