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Designing a Café Experience -

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

let's get going!

Dear Folks in Food (#FinFos),

When it comes to an F&B service brand, it's all about the experience.

Of course, the food and beverages are the stars of the show, but let me tell you, the #brandexperience goes way beyond just the scrumptious eats.

Now, here's the big question: would you leave that experience to chance, or would you design it down to the tiniest detail?

In our previous post, we dived into the exciting world of #kioskdesign, which is like an F&B brand's first step into the #offline realm.

Most kiosks have just enough space for whipping up deliciousness, handling payments, and serving customers with a smile. That limits your brand’s experience somewhat, but a good kiosk design can still help you stand out from the crowd and make your mark.

Picture this: a cozy seating or standing space where you can relish your piping-hot goodies fresh out of the oven (or maybe a fancy spout), all while enjoying a laid-back vibe with your friends.

Yup, we're talking about the magical realm of cafés, restaurants, and bars! That’s’ the way our favorite F&B brands level up offline and offer a wholesome brand experience to their amazing customers.

Now, you may say, dear FinFos, that putting together a fantastic café, restaurant, or bar is no walk in the park (or more like, not a cakewalk).

Between figuring out the number of tables, the front counter, and the bustling back of house, considering the mood of the space, and ensuring speedy customer turnaround, it's like a wild dance of decisions.

Here's a quick list that will guide you through the exciting café design process (and hopefully save you from endless back-and-forth):

1. Let's start with the menu – the heart and soul of your F&B brand.

3. Gear up with the right equipment to cook up a storm.

5. Time to plan out the space like a boss – zoning, layout, and all that jazz.

7. Don't forget the magic happening behind the scenes – your BOH and services.

9. Ah, seating! It's where the magic happens. Think comfort, style, and plenty of room for good times; if possible, also outdoors.

11. Now, let's set the mood, people! Conceptualize the vibes you want to create.

13. Get ready for some design development wizardry – making your vision a reality.

14. The final countdown! Time to fit out your space and bring it to life.

But hey, here's a heads-up – this list is just a taste of what's to come. Each of these decisions impacts the design of your café/ restaurant/ bar deeply, and paves way for you to create a memorable experience.

Next week, we start with menu and how your choice of cuisine(s) influences the design and the future success of the amazing space you’re building.

In the following weeks, get ready for a deep dive into each of these exciting steps that shape the design of an F&B space. If you've got burning questions, drop us a DM, and we'll do our best to help.

Until we meet again next week, stay hungry and keep the culinary adventures rolling, dear Folks in Food!

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