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Khichdi Experiment


Khichdi - comfort food of India.

Khichdi Experiment - a space that fills one with the warmth, nostalgia and comfort of home.


Carving out an outdoor balcony/ sit out space is integral to the concept for this chain of restaurants - a buffer between the rush on the street to the warm home-like oasis inside. This interpretation of the rustic in an urban context is what gives this brand a unique feel.


A checkered flooring, sun breakers, exposed bricks, louvred doors, bamboo furniture, trellises and plants bring together a nostalgic vintage feel to this restaurant space. Conceived as a prototype for a chain of restaurants, the spatial elements are carefully designed to enable a quick expansion of the brand across different locations and geographies.


The material palette draws on the rustic - bamboo, bricks, period flooring. The warm colour palette gives centre stage to the brand colour that is yellow, representative of the star offering- the Khichdi. The wall graphics and upholstery in bold patterns celebrate the Indianness and diversity of Khichdi, adding a layer of the contemporary to the vintage and the rustic.

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