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What's to design in a Kiosk?

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

6X6. 8X8. Max 10X15.

"What's really to design in a kiosk? Jagah hi kahan hai, bhai?"

Exactly. There is hardly any space in a kiosk to fit in everything, leave alone 'design'. A kiosk is usually a brand's first experiment in going #offline. The wish list is long, the budget is tiny.

So what does a brand do, especially a start-up brand?

1. Prioritize.

Before you make a list of all that you'd like to squeeze in, pause and think. What exactly do you want this kiosk to achieve? Sales, client feedback, brand visibility?

2. Plan well.

In case of a fashion, lifestyle or a skincare brand, you may not be able to showcase all that you have. It's a good idea to give enough choices to the customer within the product categories on display, rather than showing every category superficially.

If it's an F&B kiosk, there's the big question of fitting in all the equipment. Plan for preparation area, cooking, cleaning, serving, billing, packaging material storage.

Think not just in plan view, but also along the vertical surfaces.

3. Stand Out.

Do not let the overwhelming list of 'must-have's in the kiosk drag its Design Quotient down. After all, the primary reason an #onlinebrand goes offline is to stand out from the other #d2cbrands.

A vanilla design implies a vanilla brand. Any brand must watch out for the trap of appearing as yet another unremarkable, also-ran shop.

Use signage, brand stories, a balanced display as well as a strong design language to stand out in the ocean of a marketplace.

At RETALE Design Solutions, we have several case studies for kiosks for #fmcg, #qsr , #fnb , #fashion brands. Drop in a word if you would like a chat.

Happy Kiosking!

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